Learn the 10 Best Practices you need to consider for GDPR Compliance. 

Does your website meet emerging data security requirements?


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The Cost of Non-Compliance

GDPR and your website:

Are you compliant?

Data Protection on your website is increasingly becoming a top priority for marketers and IT professionals. We brought together the brightest in the industry - compliance experts, website architects and product owners - to create an infographic of 10 website GDPR compliance best practices.

About the Compliance Task Force

As three distinct organizations committed to security, BlueModus, Coalfire, and Kentico came together to provide insight and expertise on the latest regulations in cyber security and their specific impact on your website.

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Non-compliance, related to technical measures can start at €10 million (or roughly $12 million U.S.) or 2% of global annual revenue and goes up from there for issues related to key provisions.



In a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, non-compliance costs 2.71 times the cost of maintaining or meeting compliance requirements. These costs can include anything from fines and settlement to productivity and revenue loss.